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How can I see your PRICES?

To view our
prices and shop with us, please register and create an account with us.

Then, login to your new account and enjoy shopping with us.


Do I need to have a LICENSE to purchase from 925i.com?

No, it is not necessary to have a license or an official business registration to order with us.


Who can purchase from 925i.com?

We serve all resellers that meet our minimum order requirements:

-  Minimum 1st order, mix items: US$800.00

-  Minimum subsequent orders, mix items: US$350.00

We'd love to serve you! For special arrangements please contact us with your needs at sales@925i.com


Can I place a SAMPLE ORDER?

Sure! Sample orders are popular among new clients who wish to examine our products and services before making their first wholesale order with 925i.com.
How to place a Sample Order:

Step A: Please read and accept the following conditions:

- The following conditions apply only to Sample Orders.

- Sample orders are limited to US$100 worth of products + Shipping + Insurance + $25.00 Sample-Order-Service-Fee which is required to cover our processing costs. This fee is not refundable.

- Sample Orders are Final Sale - No returns, No exchanges and No Refunds.

However, should you find yourself unhappy with any of our products, please contact us and we will do our outmost to make you happy, which is our main goal in life.

- Special Offers, Discounts and Coupons are not applicable to SAMPLE ORDERS.

- Special services such as high-resolution pictures, special packaging, etc are not available with Sample Orders.

- By placing a Sample Order with us, you consent to the conditions described in this section.

Step B: Place your Sample Order by following these guidelines:

1.    Sign in to your account on 925e.com

2.    In the search box, search for item "534-1" (Sample Order Fee) and add it to the Shopping List.

3.    Shop and add the products you would like to receive samples of to your Shopping Cart.

Please note: The minimum order quantity of some items is more than 1 unit. Please add the required quantity to your Shopping List and we will revise the quantities to 1 unit per item later.

4.    When you are done, review your Shopping List, click "Check Out" and follow the checkout process until the THANK YOU! page.

5.    You will receive an Order Confirmation email. Click the link in the email to confirm your order.

6.    Kindly allow us 1 business day to review your order and make any needed adjustments.
We will email you the final Sample Order for your approval.

7.    Please approve the final Sample Order.

8.    We will take it from there by processing and shipping your Sample Order.

9.    Your purchase will arrive to you 5 - 7 days later… Please enjoy!
We invite you to contact us with your feedback and requirements – we are here to serve you and support your success!





How much is the SHIPPING COSTS to my country?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide an accurate answer this question because of the following variable:

A. Shipping costs are based on gross weight and box dimensions.

B. At the same time, our products vary in weight and price, with some light-weight jewels selling at higher prices than cheaper, heavy items.

Therefore, clients with an US$800.00 budget will purchase anywhere between 500 to 3,000 grams of products, making it impossible to estimate accuratly the shipping costs...

Therefore, the only way to know the ESTIMATED shipping costs for your order, is to actually place your order on 925i.com and then to click "CHECK OUT" to see the ESTIMATED shipping costs for your order.

(Please kindly insure that you place an order value US$800.00 or more BEFORE clicking "Check Out".)

If the shipping costs seems too high:
please proceed with the Checkout process until you see the THANK YOU! Page and then Email us about this issue at
sales@925e.com - we will take it from there. 


How can I know the IMPORT DUTIES on Jewelry imported into my country?

For the most accurate information, we suggest for you to contact your local UPS / FedEx / TNT agent, who will act as your Custom Clearing Agent and clear your future shipments for you.

Call them over the phone and tell the agent that you are about to import 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry from Thailand and wish to know the import duties on such goods and any other important information related to importing 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry into your country.


Is all your products are made of SOLID Sterling Silver?

While THE MAJORITY of our jewels are made-off SOLID STERLING SILVER and hallmarked with “925” or “92.5” as required by law, we also offer jewels which are made with OTHER METALS such as Copper and Brass.

FYI: if next to “Metals:” the term “925 Sterling Silver” appears, it means that this item is made of SOLID STERLING SILVER.

For your reference, we display the information regarding the materials each jewel is made-off in 2 locations:

1. Point your mouse over the "ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION" and information layer will appear, listing the materials this item is made off.

2. The same information will appear inside the ordering window under “Product Features”.

Please note: ALL of our 925 Sterling Silver jewels are hallmarked with "92.5" or "925" or "925 Silver" with the exception of fragile and tiny items which could damage if hallmarked or too small to carry the hallmark.

For more information regarding what is “Sterling Silver” please click here



Please kindly contact us with your production requirement by Email to sales@925e.com