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Immediately after order placement, 925i.com will advise you of the status and progress of your order via a series of regular e-mails.

E-1. Order confirmation request (Auto)

Schedule: immediately after successful order placement.
Purpose: legally required security measure.

Please reply to this e-mail to confirm your purchase - 925i.com will not process orders which were not confirmed by e-mail.

E-2. Payment received & order processing schedule

Schedule: Once 925i.com begins processing your order.
Purpose: advice of payment details and shipping schedule.

E-3. Parcel shipped

Schedule: immediately after order shipment.
Purpose: advice of shipment details (carrier & waybill) and provision of invoice.

E-4. Account activities report

Schedule: 1 business day after order shipment.
Purpose: advice of your account status (payments, credits, shipments) and request for confirmation of account accuracy.

Special e-mail: Order status report.

-  Order status reports are not provided for orders with 2 day shipping schedule.

Schedule for orders with 4 day shipping schedule: 2 days prior to shipping or upon your request.
Schedule for production and step orders: once a week or once your order is complete.

Purpose: provides a view on the current status of your order, detailing those products which are available for shipping and those which are not.

According to the situation, you may then place an additional order or advise 925i.com to ship available products immediately.

Please note: Additional orders are NOT mandatory for clients paying with a credit card.